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What should I wear?
First and foremost, dress comfortably and for the weather. Women wear everything from jeans and shorts to the latest fashion ensemble, with flats or heels. Remember,you will be on grass and heels can be a challenge! Head-turning hats are a treasured tradition for the ladies, along with a cool pair of sunglasses. Gentlemen can be seen in shorts, khakis, patterned designer slacks, or jeans.

Is there plenty of seating or should we bring chairs?
Chairs are suggested

Do you play in bad weather?
The game will go on if the field is safe for both horses and players.  If there is inclement weather in the area or we have experienced a major rain event in the days leading up to, please check our website, Facebook page or call us before heading to the field.

There is a group of us attending a match. Can I save spaces?
No! We are sorry but to play it fair we suggest that a couple of cars in your group come early and park. Leaving your vehicle is not permitted. They will have to start the tailgating early while waiting for friends.

Should we cheer for the teams?
Our players always love some extra encouragement so be loud and let them know how much fun you are having!
Can I bring my dog?

Well socialized dogs on a leash are always welcome.

We don’t know much about polo. How can we find more information out about the game?
Visit the United States Polo Association website to get a good overview of the game. 

How can I learn to play polo/ride?
Please see the Learn to Play section of our website under the header of Play Polo

How does a player receive a handicap and what does it mean?
A handicap is a comparative rating of polo playing skills bestowed by the USPA and expressed as goals that range on a scale from -2 to 10. A -2 handicap would be given to a beginner player, whereas a 10 handicap is reserved for the most skillful player. These ratings have nothing to do with the number of goals a player scores; rather, a variety of factors such as skill, horsemanship, strategy, knowledge of polo, team play and sportsmanship. The team handicap is the sum of the players’ handicaps. The team with the lower handicap is granted the difference in goals at the beginning of the match. Each tournament has a handicap range, and each participating team’s handicap must fall within that range.

A safety note:  

Please always be mindful of what is going on in the game. Balls may often be mis-hit or unintentionally deflected and fly into the crowd. The horses can come over the boards so always be behind that white safety line.  PLEASE never lose sight of your children who may wander towards the field! It’s up to the spectators to be aware of what’s happening around them to keep the game safe and enjoyable.


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